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Formula 5 does not have to be expensive, read more about how to get started with Formula 5 on the following pages.

If you have further questions, you are always welcome to contact class representative Jesper Hoe by phone +45 40 86 07 45 or by e-mail:


There is no such thing as a fixed budget in motorsport. The flexibility that Formula 5 offers in choosing the chassis, engine supplier and the number of test days means that there can be a relatively large difference in the budgets. The following costs are for guidance only, but may help you with your planning.

If you choose to drive for yourself, one season can be driven from around DKK 50,000 (EUR 6.750) excl. car purchase. (DM winner 2020 had a budget of DKK 60,000 (EUR 8.075) excluding transport and car purchases). 

A Formula 5 can be bought for around DKK 100,000 (EUR 13.500) raceready.

A season with a established teams can be purchased for approximately DKK 140,000 (EUR 19.000) for a complete Arrive&Drive season without possible damage
Dette er afhængig selvfølgelig af hvilket team du vælger og faktorer såsom dit testprogram, dækforbrug, skader mv.

It can be mentioned here that over the last 30 years, the winner of the championship has only in 2 cases won the championship in a brand new car.

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