About Formula 5

Formula 5 is the only class for specially built formula racers, which runs for a Danish Championship published by the Danish Automobile Sports Union and the Danish Sports Confederation and is thus an official DIF Danish Championship.

The championship usually takes place over seven to eight race weekends. The drivers in the battle for the Danish Championship for Formula 5 participate in race cars that are both specially built for motorsport, but at the same time are affordable to buy and maintain.

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Generally about Formula 5

Why choose Formula 5?

The race series

Formula 5 runs over seven to eight race weekends, where up to 3 heats are run each time.
Points for Formula 5 are awarded after each heat, and points are awarded to the first 10 according to the points scale 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1. 

Race structure

On Saturday, there will be a free practice and a qualifing practice, where a driver's best time determines the starting line-up for the first heat.

The lineup for the second heat is determined by the first 8 placed in heat 1 (Together with Formula 4, here the first 8 are reversed, so No. 8 starts 1, No. 7 starts 2, etc.)

The lineup for the third heat is determined by the total number of points from the 1st and 2nd heat, if 2 drivers have the same number of points, is qualifing practice crucial. 

The first heat is run either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, while the second heat and the third heat are run on Sunday (Certain weekends may be different) 

The Drivers

Participants in Formula 5 include a wide range of drivers. There are those who have participated in the class for many years, or who have experience from a large number of other classes in Danish Motorracing

But there are also many who, after a successful career in karting, use Formula 5 as the next step on the ladder towards a professional career in Danish and international motorsport

The racecars

In Formula 5, only race cars that are specially made for competition are used. The cars are built by specialist companies with a tubular frame chassis, where there is just enough space for the driver, engine and gearbox.

The cars must either use the "original" Formula Ford "Kent" engine, Ford's "Zetec" engine of 1,800 cm3 or the newer Ford "Duratec" engine of 1,600 cm3, which may, however, be tuned by individual tuners according to a specified regulation.